Hot Shot Hauling Information

Vehicles                    Cargo trailers            

Horsetrailers                  Boats

 Campers                      Motorcycles

Small farm/construction equipment

  • We deliver your load to you within 3 days upon pickup

  • Hot Shot hauling up to 26,000 lbs  and 9-10ft in height

  • No brokers – no middle man – no upfront cost

  • You are  in contact with the driver at all times

  • We take exceptional care of your property

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What is a Legal Hot Shot Hauling Carrier?

  • Must have an US DOT & MC number if operated across state lines.
  • Carry minimum 750,000 liability/5,000 Cargo Insurance.
  • Display US DOT number on side of vehicle.
  • CDL Licensed Driver.


If carrier does not have all of these requirements and  is caught without  a DOT  # your load will be impounded.

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Fawcett Trucking is a legal carrier

We are looking for highly motivated and professional owner operators, today!