Who is Fawcett Trucking LLC?


Merle Fawcett founded Fawcett Trucking LLC in 1989.  We are located in the beautiful state of Iowa.  Our central location gives us quick access to all regions of the U.S.  We are family owned and an independent company that will take care of all of your transportation needs.  We are a growing company with friendly service that you deserve.

Since 1989  we have been heavy hauling with our Removable Goose Neck trailers. This would include wind power, farm, and construction equipment, to anything imaginable.  Though we have discontinued our heavy haul division, our experience speaks for itself.

In 2010, we started our Hot Shot Division hauling LTL (Light Truck Load)  under 26,000 lbs GVW.   Equipment, trailers, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and campers. We have custom 53ft wedge trailers which allows us to haul up to 9′ 6″ in height.

In 2018 Fawcett Trucking LLC again in keeping with the changing trucking industry made a change away from it’s smaller truck division to the bigger more diverse Semi trucks running 50,000 lbs and under.  With this change we are able to haul light and heavy freight and accommodate many challenging industry needs.

With  over 30 years of experience of  hauling in the transportation industry, we are very confident in bringing the “Hauling the American Way” attitude to the industry to make  our company one of the best Hot Shot Companies in America.